February 15, 2017

Blessed/Saint Onesimus the Slave - February 15

Onesimus and Paul while Paul is writing to Onesimus's masters, Philemon and Apphia.

Read Philemon 7-18 to see how Paul gently asked Philemon and Apphia to welcome their runaway slave, Onesimus, back as a Christian brother.

Onesimus, a Saint for Discouraged Hearts

A Realistic Fictional Account of Onesimus (1882):
Free E-Book
Onesimus by Edwin A. Abbott(1838-1926)

[Onesimus] is handled in a striking manner; the tone is reverent; and the treatment is eminently artistic, and quite winning in its simple, dignified beauty.
Another Book on Onesimus that Looks Intriguing:
Twice Freed
E-Book by Patricia St. John

February 03, 2017

A New Book: Saints in Scripture

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Whether curious to know each of the Apostles better, what heavenly messages the Prophets presented, which holy ones witnessed Jesus’ Passion, or who helped to fortify the Church in its earliest days, Saints in Scripture shares the stories of these and many more saints found within the pages of the Bible.  Drawing from the most up-to-date Roman Martyrology (2004 – Vatican Publishing House), this book contains 111 easy-to-read biographies on holy people from Scripture officially recognized as saints by the Catholic Church.
          Saints in Scripture is organized by feast daystarting with the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 1 and ending with St. David the King on December 29.  A handy alphabetized chart is also included so you can zero in on individual saints with ease.  Dozens of black-and-white images are also included to enhance the saints’ narratives.
          Consider looking at the Bible from a new anglethrough the stories of saints such as Melchizedek, Job, Haggai, Andrew, Mary of Clopas, Salome, Lydia, Onesimus, Dionysiusand many, many more.

Saints in Scripture Lends Itself as …

A Unique Bible Study
With a group or individually.  Each biographical account is followed by Bible references to help you dig and delve further into the lives of each saint.

A Resource for Inspiring Name Ideas
For babies, Confirmation, or RCIA Candidates.

A Handy Devotional
To enhance Advent, Lent, a pilgrimage, a retreat, Eucharistic Adoration time, or for any chunk of time set aside for spiritual enrichment.

A Way to Make Some New Friends in Heaven
Whether getting to know a favorite Bible Saint better, or learning about a relatively unknown holy one in the Bible, let the men and women in Saints in Scripture shed an encouraging light on your life’s journeyconsider discovering someone new to ask for heavenly intercession.  Though these people lived long ago, they are nonetheless in heaven, ready and willing to pray for us.

Are You A Book Reviewer?
If you write book reviews for a blog or periodical, and would like to read and assess Saints in Scripture, please contact me at: TmeDoyNel@aol.com, and I’ll send you a free copy.

Let Me Know What You Think!
If you read Saints in Scripture, I’d love to hear your comments.  Please e-mail me at: TmeDoyNel@aol.com.

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A Sample Entry

Holy Simeon & St. Anna the Prophetess - Inspiration to Step up Prayer Lives in Later Years

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph meeting
Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess 
Luke Chapter 2, verses 25-38 often hooks my heart when I happen upon it.  Now that I see elderly-ness steadily creeping in my direction, these two older biblical people inspire me.  Both Simeon and Anna clearly spent a lot of time with God, and consequently were quite in tune with Him.  Due to this invested time of quiet prayer, they were both able to recognize baby Jesus as the long-awaited-for Messiah.  They probably would not have been able to do that if their their lives had been filled with busy-ness.  Messages and nudges from God seem to come in rather scratchy and sometimes undecipherable when our hearts are focused on hectic activities.  I would say that Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess are great role models for people who are in the later years of their lives.  After so many years of being on the go, it's good to slow down and try to spend more time with God.

The Feasts of Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess are both on February 3 - the day after the Feast of the Presentation (Candlemas).  They seem to get overshadowed a bit, maybe because they share a feast day with St. Blaise.  So, the next time you get your throat blessed on St. Blaise Day, try to remember that it is a special day to recall these two inspiring people as well! Consider taking a few moments to read about them in the Bible: Luke 2:25-38.

Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess with the Holy Family
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Anna The Prophetess Beadwork Kit

Holy Simeon Prayer Card

January 30, 2017

A More Personal Side of St. Paul

'Sincerely Yours, Paul'
January 2013 issue of St. Anthony Messenger

Four Personal Letters
Did you know that out of the 13 letters attributed to Paul (14 if you count Hebrews), only 4 were written to specific people: Timothy, Titus, Philemon (and his family)?  Also, if you go to mass every Sunday, over the course of 3 years, you will hear:

18% of his First Letter to Timothy
30% of his Second Letter to Timothy
17% of his Letter to Titus
32% of his Letter to Philemon
A Two Week Devotional
A good way to fill in the blanks and get to know these chunks of Scripture a little bit better is to read one chapter a day from these letters.  There are fourteen chapters in all, so it would create a tidy two week Bible Study.

January 26, 2017

St. Titus & Some Stunning Sacred Art

Church of St. Titus in Heraklion, Crete

It's pretty hard to find a Catholic Church named after the New Testament Saint, Titus. I know there are at least three in Pennsylvania (Hmmm!). But I am not sure of any others  ... I don't think I've ever seen one myself.  Maybe it's because it's a little bit hard to get to know St. Titus. You have to pull out strands of verses here and there in the Bible (see below) and try to blend them together in order to get a still-sort-of-foggy picture of this saint.  Maybe it's this lack of a biblical sequential story about his contributions to Christianity that makes him less likely to have churches named after him.

There is, however, a very nice church in Crete (a Greek Island) named after Titus, and it sure looks pretty!  Also, this Orthodox Church received the skull of St. Titus from the Catholic Church in 1966 (it was brought over from Venice)! They keep it safe and sound in a beautiful reliquary.This St. Titus Church is on a street named, "25th of August Street,"which is on a square called "St. Titus Square." August 25 is the Orthodox feast day for St. Titus.

The Artwork of this church looks stunning!  It's hard to tell from the photo what all is depicted, however, I like to think that maybe it includes scenes from St. Titus's life, such as: how Titus went with St. Paul to the Council of Jerusalem, how Paul leaned on Titus for encouragement during times of anxiety and distress, how Titus had a joyful relationship with the Christians of Corinth, or how he was sent to Crete by Paul to fortify the Church there. 

For this reason I (Paul) left you (Titus) in Crete ...
~ Titus 1:5a

A 17-Second Tour of St. Titus
Orthodox Church in Heraklion, Crete. 

Some Saint Titus Sacred Art from Pennsylvania:

St. Titus
St. Titus Catholic Church, Aliquippa, PA

St. Titus Church - Titusville, PA
The Catholic Community of Titusville, PA

Saint and Bishop Titus
The Catholic Community of Titusville
(Diocese of Erie, PA)

Saint Titus and Saint Paul
The Catholic Community of Titusville, PA

In the Roman Catholic Church, St. Titus's feast day is January 26.

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A Biblical Novena to St. Titus
Day 1 ~ Galatians 2:1-3
Day 2 ~ Acts 15:1-2
Day 3 ~ 2 Corinthians 2:12-13
Day 4 ~ 2 Corinthians 7:5-7
Day 5 ~ 2 Corinthians 7:13-16
Day 6 ~ 2 Corinthians 8:3-6
Day 7 ~ 2 Corinthians 8:16-18,23-24
Day 8 ~ Titus 1:4-5
Day 9 ~ Titus 3:8,12-14

St. Timothy - Why is He the Patron of Stomach Issues?

St. Timothy

The book represents the two books
in the Bible named after him:
1 Timothy & 2 Timothy

The cope (cloak), crosier (staff), and mitre (hat)
 symbolize how he became a bishop
(of ancient Ephesus [Turkey]).

St. Timothy's Feast Day - January 26

It's so very intriguing to ponder how some saints got their patronages. Some are obvious; for example, The Three Wise Men are patrons of travel. And others are less obvious ... St. Matthias, the apostle who replaced Judas is the patron of tailors (hmmm...).  St. Timothy's patronage of stomach-problem sufferers might make many wonder.  However, there is a short verse in Paul's Second Letter to Timothy which could be the reason for this patronage:

Stop drinking only water, but have a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.
- 1 Timothy 5:23

Of course research is pretty clear nowadays that wine can have many health benefits (unless, of course, you suffer from alcoholism), including improving the state of your gut. Paul was evidently ahead of his time!
Tim's Wine Market
As much as I'd like to think this wine market in Florida was deliberately named after St. Timothy, I suspect the name is coincidental (a nice coincidence, however!), for the owner's name is Tim.  :)

January 25, 2017


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