Advent Begins with Bible Saints of Rome

Church of Saints Aquila and Priscilla
Rome, Italy
Romans 13: 11-14

Today opens the season of Advent with a profound message from Paul.  The passage is found within Paul's letter to the Christians of Rome and puts an emphasis on behavior.  Paul encourages the Christians of Rome to "put on the armor of light" or to "put on the Lord Jesus Christ."  In other words, Paul encouraged the Romans to live in a manner pleasing to the Lord.  What a perfect thought and goal for the start of Advent.

This message makes me think of the Saints of the Bible who lived in Rome and were some of the recipients of this grand letter:

Prisca/Priscilla (July8)
Aquila (July 8)
Herodion (Apr. 8)
Rufus (Nov. 21)
Asyncritus (Apr. 8)
Phlegon (Apr. 8)
Hermas (May 9)

These saints certainly read this letter in its entirety (maybe in the House Church of Priscilla and Aquila?) and clearly strove to follow Paul's advice, for they all went down as very holy people with great devotion to the Lord.