Saint Andrew's Day & A Christmas Prayer

 There is a special Advent devotion that my husband likes to do.  Many years ago he was sent out of town to take a special course for the Marine Corps.  Back home, I stumbled across this Christmas Prayer and sent it to him, not realizing that the class was quite a challenge.  When Chad received the prayer, he noticed it was supposed to start on the Feast of Saint Andrew.  He felt this was a sign from God, for the prayer arrived in his mail on November 30 - the actual Feast of Saint Andrew.  So, he said the prayer, 15 times a day from November 30 until December 25 and passed the course just fine.  He now keeps the prayer card in his wallet - it has become a bit worn out over the years! 

A stained glass window of Saint Andrew from St. Andrew's Church in Lytle, Texas.  The fishing net and sea in the background remind viewers that Saint Andrew was a fisherman.  The X-shaped cross symbolizes the belief that Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross in Greece.