Prophet-Saint Habakkuk

The first three days of December celebrate three Prophet Saints: 

December 1 - Nahum
December 2 - Habakkuk
December 3 - Zephaniah

These three Prophet-Saints can also be found one after the other in the Bible ... first Nahum, then Habakkuk, then Zephaniah.  A trio of days to contemplate a few Old Testament Prophets and their messages. 

Habakkuk is a good saint for days when everything seems to bug you - when your list of complaints is long and angry.  Habakkuk was a complainer and wanted some changes in the world. 

Like so many prophets, however, Habakkuk wraps his message up with complete trust in the Lord:

Yet will I rejoice in the LORD
and exalt in my saving God.

- Habakkuk 3:18