7 Quick Takes Friday

I'm not 100% sure that I know what I'm doing ...  
I stumbled across a neat blog not long ago called "Conversion Diary" and noticed that the blogger hosts sort of a weekly blogging-get-together called 7 Quick Takes Friday.  From reading others' 7 Quick Takes Friday, I think you are supposed to jot down 7 things that come to your mind and share them!  Hmmm...  Here I go ...

Ian 17 Years Ago - On His 6th Birthday
Birthday- Today is the 23rd birthday of my gentle son, Ian.  Love you Bean!!!  xoxo

Putting Fingerprints on the 1st Place Plaque
Basketball Fun - Our youngest, Noah (14), won a Basketball tournament this week - with his team, of course!  I'm not wild about devoting buckets of time and energy to sports, but it is fun to win a tournament once in a while!

Seamus and Poppy

A Visit From the 24-Year-Old - Seamus came to visit for a day.  He only lives about 80 miles away, but he's pretty busy teaching Speech Classes and studying.

Stock Show Vacation - Noah has two days of school off this week for the "Stock Show."  We don't have cows, goats, or pigs, so we won't go to the Stock Show, but we're enjoying the days off.

Struggling Online - Still trying to get used to spending so much of my life online!  Sooooo many things to learn about.  I'm working on "RSS Feed" right now.  I have it on my blog ... but I'm not exactly sure what it is!

John the Baptist and Breaking of the Bread - I learned for the first time this week that the "Lamb of God" prayer which is said/sung during mass, while the priest is breaking the consecrated host, comes from spoken words of John the Baptist (John 1:29).  Listen closely to the Gospel reading this Sunday.

Chilly Weather - Reminds me of growing up in the northeast (Rochester, NY)!