7 Quick Takes Friday

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - I learned that this week is a special week for Christians to pray that we might all achieve solidarity.  It is a movement that started with the Graymoor Franciscans in 1908 - a very Saint Francis thing to do!  So, if you have a free moment, please say a quick prayer that we can all get back on the same page!

A Great Book - I'm reading Newsflash! My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist by Teresa Tomeo.  I love books that share journeys of trauma to basking in the love of God.

Beer Bread - Love this bread and it's so easy!

Mix Together: 
3 Cups Flour
1/4 C. Sugar
3 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tsp. Salt

Stir In:
1 can Beer, room temp.
2 Tbs. Butter, melted

At 375 in a greased bread pan for 40-50 min.


Christmas Brunch - My dear friend, Gina and I finally had our annual Christmas brunch!  She gave me a beautiful teacup ornament (we like tea) and I gave her a book and some Beer Bread.  

Lots of Wood - We've been putting LOTS of logs in the woodburning stove lately!

CCD Handicrafts -  I've been subbing for a 12th Grade CCD class for several weeks now.  The girls crocheted Prayer Beanies and the boys made Prayer Survival Wrist Bands.  I brought them to a homeless shelter in downtown San Antonio, today, but the shelter has closed down.  I was able to find a church with a food pantry instead.

Caption Contest - Got a nice note from Cuyler at Inherit the Mirth.  I get a kick out of his funny caption contests!  
Caption Contest