Chloe's People

For it has been reported to me about you, my brothers and sisters,
by Chloe’s people, that there are rivalries among you.
1 Corinthians 1:11


The second reading for this coming Sunday shares a snippet of information on a lady named Chloe and her people.  Chloe was a New Testament woman somehow connected to the Greek city of Corinth.  She probably lived in Corinth, but may have lived in Ephesus - the city where Paul was when he wrote his First Letter to the Corinthians.  We know from the Bible that Chloe had some "people" ... perhaps servants, members of her family, or from a house church ... their exact status has not been recorded.  

The early Christians of Corinth were struggling with divisions, rivalries and disagreements, and it was "Chloe's people" who sought out Paul to let him know about these problems in Corinth.  This message from "Chloe's people" prompted Paul to write the First Letter to the Corinthians, within which he urged unity.

Also this week (January 18-25) is a special week called "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity," a week where all Christians are encouraged to pray for a full ecumenism.

What perfect timing!  A Sunday to contemplate Chloe and her people blended in with a special week to pray for the unity of Christianity.

Although Chloe and her people are not classified as official saints, their actions prompted an important element within Scripture: a plea for all Christians to be united as one.  


  1. my name is chloe and i am a christian, but never realised that my name was in the bible :)

    1. Yes!!! Chloe is a beautiful Bible name! It would be fun to know more about her ... maybe when we go to heaven. :)

    2. is chloe a saint ?

    3. Chloe from Corinth is not listed in the Roman Martyrology; however, that does not mean that she is not in heaven (a.k.a. a saint). It is possible that she was not martyred, or that the early Christians of Corinth did not keep good records of martyrs or holy ones of their Church. So, although she is not listed as an official saint, she still may very well be one.

      There is a Saint Cloelia from Italy; some sources suggest that her name in English would be Chloe:


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