Sts. Timothy and Titus: Patrons of Pastors

Timothy and Titus were two very helpful assistants to Paul during his missionary work.  Later on, Timothy pastored the Church in Ephesus and Titus organized the Church in Crete.  Paul wrote letters to these early Church leaders that were chock full of advice and encouragement.  They are sometimes called "The Pastoral Letters."

Three Pieces of Advice from Paul to
Three Pieces of Advice from Paul to
Pray for those in authority
(1Tm. 2:1-2)
Do not be arrogant; be a lover of goodness.
(Ti. 1:7-8)   
Set a good example for the youth.
(1Tm. 4:12)
Show yourself as a model of good deeds.
(Ti. 2:7)
Bear your share of hardship.
(2Tm. 2:3)
Avoid foolish arguments and rivalries.
(Ti. 3:9)
Saints Timothy and Titus share January 26 for a Feast Day.