Saints of the Bible - A Novena

Saints and Prayers
Some saints have lots of prayers written in their honor.  Some of the saints from Scripture are not real well known, however, and special prayers in their name are hard to come by.

Chaplet/Prayer Rope
Blending the western Chaplet with the eastern Prayer Rope can be one way to pray "to" any Saint of the Bible.

33 - For the Life of Christ
By tying 33 knots onto a piece of string (or threading 33 beads), you can have a handy Chaplet/Prayer Rope for a Bible Saint Novena.  Once a day, for nine days, on each knot/bead, say:

 Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.
(Saint's Name), please pray for me.

Saints and Patronages
You can really ask any saint to pray for any need, but if you like patronages, you can pick a saint by their "specialty."  For example, Saint Joseph is the patron of fathers, Saint Antipas is the patron of tooth ailments, Saint Dismas is the  patron of prisoners, and Saint David is the patron of poets.  But, again, all saints are happy to pray for you, whatever your issue is ... you just need to ask.

“For me, prayer is an aspiration of the heart,
a simple glance directed to heaven,
a cry of gratitude and love
in the midst of trial as well as joy.” 
―St. Thérèse of Lisieux