Saint Archippus and Ancient Turkey

Colossae is not labeled on this map, but if you go to the letter "T" in the word "Mediterranean" and draw a line due north, going inland just a smidgen, that would be the general location of Colossae, the hometown of Saint Archippus.

The Ministry of St. Archippus
March 20 honors the life of Saint Archippus (ar-KIP-us), a church leader in the ancient city of Colossae, during the time of Saint Paul's travels.  It is unknown exactly what his ministry entailed, but chances are that Archippus's efforts helped the Faith to take root and grow. 

And tell Archippus,
"See that you fulfill the ministry that you received in the Lord."
   Colossians 4:17

Archippus's Parents?

Many Biblical scholars assert that Philemon and Apphia were the parents of Archippus (Philemon 1-2).