The St. Thomas Prayer & A Catholic Vitamin Podcast Invitation

 An Invitation to Join the Catholic Vitamins Podcast
Some fun news ... Deacon Tom and Dee Fox asked me to be a contributor to their podcast called Catholic Vitamins.  I needed some time, though, to think and pray about this (being the quiet-ish recluse that I am!).  Later that day I told my son about the invitation and he thought it was just GREAT!  (Of course, he's a Communications major/speech teacher - public speaking is fun for him!). 

A Signal Grace
My son advised me to get a pad of paper to keep in my car so that I could jot down ideas for the show as they come to me (when parked, of course!).  The next day I let Deacon Tom know that I wanted to give the podcast contributions a try.  He then informed me that the first segment I would need to prepare for would be for "Vitamin T."  Later that day, a very dear friend of mine gave me a random-for-no-reason-in-particular gift.  It was a notepad with a letter "T" on the cover!  

Weekly 2-Minute Segments
My Catholic Vitamin segments will focus on saints and Scripture and will be about 2-minutes long.  They will be an extra to the weekly interviews that Deacon Tom and Dee do.  My first segment is about an affirmation of faith inspired by words of St. Thomas: 

One thing I love to do with my CCD students is have them open their Bibles to John 20:28 and teach them about the prayer (inspired by words of St. Thomas the Apostle) that some people quietly say in their hearts as the priest holds up the consecrated body and chalice of blood for all to see. 

My Lord and my God!

My Lord and my God!