April 8 Bible Saints: Agabus, Herodion, Asyncritus, and Phlegon

Saint Agabus
Saint Agabus
The painting above (by Louis Cheron, 1660-1713) shows the New Testament prophet, Agabus, warning Paul that a trip to Jerusalem would get him in trouble.  Acts 22: 29 tells of the prophecy coming true.

Saints Herodion, Asyncritus, and Phlegon
These fellows are just a few of the many people that Paul greeted toward the end of his Letter to the Romans.  Little is known about these guys except that they were Christians living in Rome.  I like to think that they were among those who brought comfort and company to Paul when he was imprisoned while in Rome years after he wrote this letter.

Paul's Arrival in Rome
Feast of Agabus, Herodion, Asyncritus, and Phlegon:  April 8