Veneration (not worship) Of Saints

Synaxis Of All Saints
Greece, 19th Century

Catholics are often accused of "worshiping" saints.  It is not, however, the Church’s position at all to worship, adore, idolize, or deify saints.  We do, on the other hand, venerate saints.  We respect them.  We honor them.  We are glad to know them and receive encouragement from them.

Ways To Venerate (not worship) Saints 

1)  Hanging a picture of him or her on a wall as a gentle reminder of the life of the saint. (It’s sort of similar to hanging up a picture of a really kind Grandma who has passed away.)
2) Reading about their lives.  If it’s o.k. to read about military heroes, athletes, or Hollywood celebrities, surely it’s o.k. to read about people who persistently strove to love and know the Lord.
3) Asking him or her to pray for us … just like we might ask a friend to pray for us.  The saints in heaven truly are our friends.  It is their pleasure to pray for us as a way to help us out in life.