Saint Hermas ~ A Patron For Obscurity

St. Hermas & Rome
Saint Hermas is one of many Roman Christians that Saint Paul addressed by name in the 16th chapter of his Letter to the Romans.  Not a lot is known for sure about this Hermas, but he is clustered with Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, and some other unnamed brothers. 

A Cluster of Roman Christians
Some have wondered why these individuals were clumped together by Paul.  Were they family members?  Did they go to a house church together?  Did they live in one region of Rome?   Did they form some sort of an ancient religious community?  It would be fun to know ...

Romans 16:14

Although Hermas is a largely unknown and obscure saint, he shares a Feast Day with an Old Testament great ... the Prophet Isaiah.  Both Saint Hermas and Saint Isaiah the Prophet hold May 9 as their Feast Day.