Saint James the Less: An In-The-Background Apostle

The Last Supper
There are two Apostles with the name of James:

James the son of Zebedee
(a.k.a. James the Greater)


James the son of Alphaeus
(a.k.a. James the Less). 

Alphaeus = Cleopas?
Some Biblical historians assert that Alphaeus can be translated to the Greek, Cleopas ... and therefore, Alphaeus's father may have been the man named Cleopas who traveled to Emmaus on the first Easter. 

First Bishop of Jerusalem?
Some suggest that James the Less was the first bishop of Jerusalem.

An Apostle For Sure
We do know with certainty that James the Less was one of the Twelve Apostles and so participated in the variety of apostolic activities: he spent much time with Jesus, witnessed many miracles, was given authority over unclean spirits and to cure diseases, preached to others, attended the Last Supper, was present at Pentecost, etc.

Acts 1:13-14a
Feast Day: May 3