Saints Joanna and Manaen ~ Two Saints With Connections to Herod Antipas

Jesus Before Herod
Both Saint Joanna and Saint Manaen have intriguing connections with Herod the Tetrarch – also known as Herod Antipas.  This is the Herod who had John the Baptist beheaded.  He is also the Herod who spoke with Jesus.  Herod Antipas asked Jesus many questions, treated Him with ridicule and contempt, and then sent Him back to Pilate.  
Saint Joanna
Joanna’s connection with Herod Antipas is through her husband, a man named Chuza.  Joanna was one of the Galilean women who ministered to Christ and her husband, Chuza, was a steward to Herod.  This means that he probably oversaw the day-to-day affairs of Herod’s palace.  One can only ponder how Joanna and her husband managed having working relationships with such different people!
Luke 8:1-3

Saint Manaen
Manaen was a disciple in the early days of the Church.  He and a few others prayed and fasted, and felt a strong urging from the Holy Spirit to have Paul and Barnabas travel to spread the message of Christ.  The Bible states that Manaen was a close friend of Herod the Tetrarch.  Another curious connection!
Acts 13: 1-3

May 24 is the Feast Day for both Saint Joanna and Saint Manaen.