Youth and Bible Saints

King David As A Boy

It seems that most Bible stories focus on adults.  There are, however, a handful of narratives that tell of some youth-centered happenings: 

In the Old Testament … we are told how when Saint Moses was just a baby, he was nearly murdered by the Pharaoh.  But, due to the great love and protection of his mother, and then the inspired affection of his adoptive mother … who was the Pharaoh’s daughter … baby Moses was spared.

Saint Samuel often brings to mind his elderly mother overjoyed with his birth.  As a young boy, Samuel was brought to the temple in Shiloh to stay.  It was while he was still a youth living in the temple that Samuel began to hear the words of God.

David was a youthful shepherd when he was quietly identified as the new king of Israel.  It was also during Saint David’s youth that he slew Goliath and played his harp for King Saul.

The Seven Sons
The second book of Maccabees shares the story of the Seven Sons who, along with their mother, resisted intense pressure to forgo their Jewish laws and so were horrifically martyred. 

John The Baptist
The New Testament offers some information on the birth and childhood of Saint John the Baptist.

A variety of events surrounding the nativity of Jesus are shared … as well as His separation from His parents following a Passover pilgrimage to Jerusalem. 

Holy Innocents
New Testament Scripture also tells about the baby boys from the Bethlehem area, now known as the Holy Innocents … who lost their lives during Herod’s murderous attempt to destroy Christ.

Directions for Making a God's Eye

A Fun CCD Activity For Catholic Youth
From heaven the LORD looks down
                and observes the whole human race.