Saint Ezra and Saint Silas ~ One O.T. Saint and One N.T. Saint for July 13

Saints Ezra and Silas lived about 500 years apart from each other, but some fun comparisons can be made between these two men:

Lived when the Jews completed their exile in Babylonia and returned to Jerusalem (circa 500 B.C.).

Lived during the Acts of the Apostles (1st Century A.D.).
Worked hard to motivate the Israelites to restore their Temple in Jerusalem, which had been destroyed while the Jews were exiled in Babylonia.

Worked hard to motivate the Jews to understand that Jesus was their savior and to build up the new Church.
Had a good friend in his efforts:  Nehemiah.

Had a good friend in his efforts:  Paul.
Read the Laws of God to the returned exiles.
Preached how the words of the Old Testament had been fulfilled through Christ.

Ezra had set his heart on the study and practice of the law of the LORD and on teaching statutes and ordinances in Israel.     Ezra 7:10

But Paul chose Silas and departed after being commended by the brothers to the grace of the Lord.     Acts 15:40
Saint Ezra and Saint Silas share July 13 as their Feast Date.

Vitamin E:  Evangelization and Ezra