Saints Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, Nicholas of Antioch ~ The Other Deacons!

The 6th Chapter of Acts shares the story about the apostles needing a bit of help and having the first seven deacons selected.  Of these seven deacons, Stephen (who was stoned to death) and Philip (who converted the Ethiopian) are pretty well-known.  What about the other five?  Who are they?

Prochorus (PROK-o-rus)
Nicanor (ny-KAY-nor)
Timon (TIE-mon)
Parmenas (PAR-me-nas)
Nicholas of Antioch
These men were the other five.  Unfortunately, little information on these men was passed on … but we do know that they were faith-filled, filled with the Holy Spirit, that the apostles laid their hands upon them, and that large numbers of people in Jerusalem - even priests - began to embrace the New Faith after these guys began their work.

These five deacons share July 28 as a Feast Day.