The Holy Myrrhbearers - Some Very Special Biblical Ladies

The Holy Myrrhbearers by Fra Angelico

It is Luke who initially introduces us to some very kind (though formerly rather troubled)women in the 8th chapter of his Gospel.  Then, by comparing the death, burial, and resurrection segments of all four Gospels, a list of names of women who brought spices (that most likely included myrrh) to anoint the dead body of Jesus can be put together: 

Mary Magdalene
Mary of Clopas
and some other unnamed women.

I love the Byzantine tradition of giving recognition to these women.  I think that these women could be great patron saints for funeral workers, cemetery workers, and church bereavement committees.  Their kind actions of tending to Christ following his death demonstrate a great devotion to Jesus and truth.
The next time you attend a funeral, consider asking these Holy  Myrrhbearers to say a special prayer for your departed friend, AND for all of the people who worked hard to prepare for the honorable funeral, burial, and reception.
Feast of the Holy Myrrhbearers:  The Third Sunday of Easter