Kadesh & Saints Moses, Aaron, and Joshua

Kadesh - A biblical city with some neat history ...

Moses Striking a Rock For Water
 by Francesco Ubertini Bacchiacca (1494–1557)
The believed-to-be current location of the Old Testament city of Kadesh (KAY-desh) is just on the Israel side of the Sinai Peninsula/Israeli border.  Some interesting O.T. events took place in Kadesh:

1) The Israelites were afraid of the inhabitants of their Promised Land. 
          (Numbers 13: 25-33)

2) Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron died.
          (Numbers 20:1)

3) Moses and Aaron drew water from some rock and then were prohibited from reaching the Promised Land.
          (Numbers 20:2-12)

4) Joshua conquered Kadesh and assigned it to the tribe of Judah.
          (Joshua 15:3)

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