Saint Linus - A Saint From The Bible and Our Second Pope

Saint Linus - Following St. Peter
If you were to go to Rome, and into the beautiful basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, you would see long rows of circular mosaic portraits.  Each one of these portraits represents one of the Popes of the Catholic Church.

If you were to start at the beginning of the series, I’m sure you could guess who the first Pope would be … Peter.  But, have you ever wondered who the second Pope was?

The second Pope of the Catholic Church is actually believed to have been a character briefly mentioned in Scripture.  Towards the end of his Second Letter to Timothy, Paul gave a short list of people who were with him at the time:

Eubulus, Pudens, Linus, Claudia, and all the brothers send greetings.    
~2 Timothy 4:21

Of these Biblical names, it was Linus who is believed to have become the Bishop of Rome upon the death of Peter.  At that time in Church History, the word Pope was not yet used, but over time it became an affectionate term used for the Bishop of Rome … and the head of the Catholic Church. 

 Pope Saint Linus shares September 23 as a feast day with Saints Elizabeth and Zechariah.


St. Paul Outside the Walls
Circular Mosaics of the Popes are Above the Arches