Saint Manaen - Instrumental In Getting Paul Started On His Missionary Journeys!

The area in red shows the location of the Biblical Antioch
of Syria ... present day Antakya, Turkey.  This is the
location where St. Manaen (along with a few others)
prayed, laid hands on and sent Saul/Paul
off on his 1st Missionary Journey.
- Acts 13:1-3

Another interesting point about Saint Manaen:

This Bible Saint was a “close friend” of Herod the Tetrarch … the same Herod who had John the Baptist beheaded and mocked Jesus.  There is some debate on what exactly “close friend” means.  Some Biblical translations have used the words:
“the foster brother of Herod,”
“a member of the court of Herod,”
“who had been brought up with Herod” 
What the exact relationship was is uncertain, however, clearly, they knew each other well, and didn’t appear to be enemies.  I bet it’s an interesting story … how Manaen went from having a close association with someone like Herod the Tetrarch, to having a strong devotion to someone like Christ.  Herod and Christ … two dramatically different sorts of people.

St. Manaen