August 26, 2011

Saint Melchizedek ~ A Mysterious and Kind Priest

Saint Melchizedek
Blessing Saint Abraham

This mystical Biblical figure appears briefly within the Book of Genesis.  It was shortly after a battle that Abram (before his name-change to Abraham) had had with a cluster of kings when this priest, Melchizedek, appeared.  He presented to Abram some bread and wine and then blessed him.  This “King of Salem” then seems to disappear.  There are some references to him in Psalm 110 and Hebrews.
Sequence of Events for Abram and Melchizedek
(Genesis 12-15)
~ Abram is called to move to Canaan.
~ Abram and Sarai temporarily relocate to Egypt due to a famine.
~ Abram, Sarai, Lot and his wife leave Egypt.
~ Abram and Lot separate: Abram to Hebron (in Canaan) and Lot to Sodom.
~ The 4 Kings wage battle against Sodom and take Lot captive.
~ Abram retaliates against the 4 Kings and frees his nephew Lot.
~ Melchizedek appears and blesses Abram.
~ The Lord makes His covenant with Abram.

The Feast of St. Melchizedek is August 26.


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