St. Bartholomew ~ Also Known as St. Nathanael

Saint Bartholomew
By melding the various apostle stories found in the four Gospels, the apostle Bartholomew listed in the four lists of Apostles  is considered to be the same as the Nathanael found early on in John’s Gospel (1:45).  Most Biblical historians consider that his full name was Bartholomew Nathanael … for some reason he was frequently referred to by his last name. 

Nathanael Bartholomew was friends with the Apostle Philip.  It was Philip who introduced Bartholomew to Jesus, which may explain why the two are often paired in the Apostle listings. 
It is believed that Bartholomew was skinned alive in India for teaching about the message of Christ, and so is often portrayed holding a knife.
Saint Bartholomew’s Day is August 24.

Lists of Apostles:
Matthew 10:2-4
Mark 3:16-19
Luke 6:13-16
Acts 1:13