7 Quick Takes Friday


My 23-year-old son moved to Virginia this summer.  Here's his bachelor pad.  So far he has survived an earthquake and the outer edges of Hurricane Irene.


Jennifer Fulwiler
Congratulations to Jen for getting:

1st Place for "Best Blog by a Woman"
1st Place for "Best Written Blog"
1st Place for "Most Spiritual Blog"
1st Place for "People's Choice Blog"

... at the 2011 Catholic New Media Awards!  

It's easy to be happy for someone who really deserves to win and has such a humble spirit.  Blessings, blessings Jen!

I'm also very pleased that the Catholic Vitamins podcast did well too.  Deacon Tom and Dee do such a nice job, and I feel blessed to be a small part of their team.
1st Place in "Most Spiritual Podcast"
4th Place in "Most Entertaining Podcast"

Seamus, my oldest (back center), and his sweet fiancee (front - obviously!) will be going on their Engaged Encounter Weekend this weekend.  They will be there for the feast of St. Gregory the Great ... and are getting married at a church named after St. Gregory the Great.  I love "coincidences" like these.  Makes me feel like God is waving a friendly "hello" to me from heaven.

This beautiful majestic oak has been a favorite tree in our yard.  This long, long, dry, dry, and difficult drought has taken its toll on our tree, however.  It's getting pretty scraggly-looking.  We're hoping some rain will come soon and put a bit more life back into it ... 

Our youngest is jumping into High School life this fall.  Where do the years go???  Wasn't he sitting on my lap laughing about the misadventures of Curious George just a few years ago???

I really need to keep my hands busy in the evenings ... otherwise I grab a bowl of ice cream or dig into a bag of chips!  Crocheting helps a lot ... plus it's very relaxing. 


  1. Is that a rocking chair in your son's bachelor pad?

  2. Ha ha! Yes, Mandi, it is! One of his few comfortable possessions!

  3. That's about how much furniture as I had in my first bachelor pad.

  4. I think starting off in a humble way builds character, Athanasius. :)


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