Healthy Living With The Saints!

Take a Look Inside Tending the Temple

My dear friend Peggy Bowes, along with her nice co-authors Kevin Vost and Shane Kapler, put together a wonderful year-long devotional that weaves in a healthful activity relevant to a saint for each day.

If you like the idea of blending exercise and spirituality, you might want to take a look at this book!

Plus, some of the saints in the book are saints of the Bible ...

Mary - Paul - Matthias - Longinus - Gabriel - Joseph of Arimathea
Mary of Clopas - Salome - Mark - Isaiah - Elizabeth
Barnabas - John the Baptist - Peter - Paul - Thomas
The Seven Holy Brothers - Veronica - Joseph Barsabbas
Mary Magdalene - Martha - Lydia - James - John - Bartholomew
Anna the Prophetess - Matthew - Michael - Raphael
Guardian Angels - Luke - Simon - Jude - Philemon & Apphia
Andrew - Stephen - John the Evangelist - The Holy Innocents