Our Lady Star of the Sea


Maybe you have already seen or been to a church called, Our Lady Star of the Sea … if so, it was most likely near a coastal area.  Our Lady Star of the Sea is a special title that has been given to Mary to honor her care for those who travel or work on/near water - that she guides people, like a star, to her Son, Jesus. 
Some claim that the title “Star of the Sea” may have its origins in the 400s with St. Jerome who connected her Hebrew name (Miriam) with Stella Maris (star of the sea).   

The Carmelites have linked Our Lady, Star of the Sea with a Biblical verse:
“There is a cloud as small as a man’s hand rising from the sea.”  1 Kings 18:44

1 Kings 18:44
(Window from the Basilica of the Little Flower in San Antonio, TX)

This small cloud gave great hope for the end of a three year drought ... and Mary’s love and encouragement offer hope for humankind.  In the stained glass window above, a star has been added to this Old Testament event to symbolize the forthcoming of Mary.

Our Lady Star of the Sea by Eileen Doyle

My Aunt Eileen painted the above depiction of Our Lady Star of the Sea using a fascinating technique ...

God’s Secret Designs Inside a Rock
- Take a rock, a little bit bigger than the size of a softball, and with a sledge hammer, break the rock in two. 

- Look at the two inside portions, wet them and study the design.  What do you see?  

- Take a 12 X 24 sheet of card stock and from the design in the rock, draw the interesting features and figures. 

- Take a 12 X 24 300pound watercolor paper and place it on top of the drawn design. 

- Place the card stock drawings and water color paper on top of a light box and copy your design onto the watercolor paper. 

- Paint the design with watered down acrylic. Watering it down lets you see your design.  

~   ~   ~  

Our Lady Star of the Sea is the patroness of:  Sailors, Navigators, Yachtsmen, Seafarers, Many Coastal Churches and Towns 
The Feast of Our Lady Star of the Sea is September 27.


  1. The Our Lady Star of the Sea painting by Eileen Doyle is beautiful! Her technique is unique! Our Amazing God provides His beauty in all things!

  2. I love the images of Our Lady Star of the Sea, and their symbolism, but the title itself was based on an erroneous translation of Our Lady's original Hebrew name. "Miriam" actually means "drop of the sea", which would be "stilla maris" in Latin. This was somehow misheard or misread as the more poetic "stella maris" or "star of the sea". Nevertheless, a rather fortunate error considering the lovely art and hymns it inspired!


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