Saint Linus ~ A Patron for Hat and Veil Makers

Saint Pope Linus
Saint Linus was a friend to Paul to the end.  It is believed that he was with Paul towards the last days of Paul’s life (2 Timothy 4:21).  Tradition tells that Linus was the second Pope, after Peter, and that he promoted the custom of women covering their heads at church.

Listen for Linus’s name the next time you go to mass.  He is named in Eucharistic Prayer I.

In union with the whole Church we honor Mary, the ever-virgin mother of Jesus Christ our Lord and God.  We honor Joseph, her husband, the apostles and martyrs Peter and Paul, Andrew, [James, John, Thomas, James, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Simon and Jude; we honor Linus, Cletus, Clement, Sixtus, Cornelius, Cyprian, Lawrence, Chrysogonus, John and Paul, Cosmas and Damian] and all the saints.
Eucharistic Prayer I 

Saint Linus is honored on September 23 – the anniversary of his martyrdom.