Saint Onesimus - A Slave, Friend of Paul, and Letter Carrier

Saint Onesimus Carrying One of Paul's Letters

Saint Onesimus is one of those not-well-known saints, but here are a few tips to help you get to know him better:
1) He was a slave in Colossae (modern Turkey), about 75 miles from ancient Myra - the hometown of St. Nicholas.  
2) It appears that he ran away and met up with Paul in Rome ... about a 800 mile journey (in a very direct route) from Colossae!
3) Through Paul, he embraced Christianity, and returned to his owners in Colossae with a letter from Paul pleading for mercy for Onesimus.  (Tradition tells that Saints Philemon and Apphia, the owners of Onesimus, forgave Onesimus and gave him his freedom.) 
 “So if you regard me as a partner, welcome [Onesimus] as you would me.”

- Paul’s words to Philemon and Apphia, the masters of Onesimus
- Philemon, verse 17

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