A Lovely Quinceañera

My son was invited to participate in a beautiful Quinceañera this past weekend.  He had the privilege of being the "Chambelan de Honor" (Honor Escort). 

I love the promise that Noah's friend made to God at the altar in honor of her 15th Birthday:

I offer you, Oh Lord, my youth.
Guide my steps, my actions, and thoughts.
Grant me the grace to understand Your
new commandments to love one another.
And may Your grace not be wasted on me.
I thank You for the gift of life,
the gift of my family,
the gift of my Catholic Faith,
and the gift of this Christian community.
I stand before to praise Your goodness
in blessing me with Your gifts.
I consecrate myself to You as Your faithful witness,
and ask for Your blessing,
through Jesus Christ, Your Son.

The Waltz was a lot of fun too!