The Marine Corps Guardian Angel

The Marine Corps Guardian Angel
by Eileen Doyle (1994)

Years ago (1993/1994), a cousin of mine was spending time at the Visitation Monastery in Mobile Alabama, trying to discern God’s will for her life. Her mother (my aunt) and I decided to go visit Andrea for a weekend … Aunt Eileen lived about 3 hours southeast of Mobile, and I was living in Montgomery, Alabama at the time, about 3 hours north of Mobile. During our visit, my aunt saw a lovely embroidered angel on the wall of the parlor of the monastery. Inspiration hit and she pulled out some sketching materials and began drawing a similar version of the angel.
After our visit, Aunt Eileen pulled that sketch out, added a few details here, deleted a few details there, added some color and background, and eventually created what she named the Marine Corps Angel, in honor of my husband who was an active duty Marine at the time. She presented the painting to us a few months later, and our beautiful treasure moved with us whenever we were given orders; the Marine Corps Angel painting always found a special place in our house.
Aunt Eileen and Andrea
Hanging on my Dining Room Wall