Saints David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezra & 5 Uriahs

Nathan Confronting King David
About Putting Uriah the Hittite
In Harm's Way.
Paris Psalter

Interestingly, there are 5 men named Uriah in the Bible, all in the Old Testament - and they all have a connection to a saint from Scripture:

Saint David & Uriah the Hittite
Uriah the Hittite was an officer in King David's army who was betrayed by David.  St. King David despaired over this terrible deed and found some relief by confessing his sin and asking for forgiveness.
~ 2 Samuel  11:2-12, 20
~ 2 Samuel 23:39
~ 1 Chronicles  11:41
~ Psalm 32

Saint Isaiah & Uriah the Priest
This Uriah witnessed St. Isaiah predict the ruin of Samaria and Damascus.
~ Isaiah 8:1-4
~ 2 Kings 16:10-16

Saint Jeremiah & Uriah the Prophet
This Uriah was delivered a prophecy that was compared to prophecies like St. Jeremiah's.  Uriah's words so aggravated King Jehoiakim, that the king had Uriah the prophet killed.
~ Jeremiah 26:20-24

St. Ezra & Uriah, the Father of a Priest
This O.T. Uriah was the father of a priest named Meremoth who had been consigned some silver, gold, and utensils after they were weighed - shortly after St. Ezra and other former exiles returned to Jerusalem after decades in Babylonia.
~ Ezra 8:33

St. Ezra & Uriah the Witness of the Law - This Uriah was present when St. Ezra read the Law to the Judahites who were in the process of resettling Jerusalem following the Babylonian exile.
~ Nehemiah 8:4

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