7 Quick Take Fridays

Finally, after 11 years of saying, "We should drive over and hike around at Lost Maples," my husband and I went last Friday.  It was gorgeous.  During the glacier age, thick sheets of ice pushed the growth of maples trees into the south.  A small area in Central Texas has remarkably, due to just-right conditions, kept a small forest of these beautiful trees. 

We had the choice of a 1/2 mile hike or an almost 5 mile hike.  I was up for the big hike, which pulled us away from the maple tree forest for a while, but was still very pretty.  Came home and crashed ... not used to 5-mile-and-in-some-spots-rugged-and-steep hikes.

My handsome and very kind husband.

My Thanksgiving Blessings ... minus one.  My 23-year-old was visiting Grandma and Grandpa in New York. 

Crockery Cookery by Mable Hoffman
I really don't like to face the crowds, noise, and hectic-ness at stores on Black Friday (I too have introvert tendencies).  I much prefer to stay home, make a pot of Turkey Noodle Soup, and enjoy some quiet.

A friend sent me an e-mail not long ago with a neat list of American-Made Christmas gift ideas.  I thought it was very clever.  Plus, so many Americans really don’t need more stuff, and most of these ideas leave our homes feeling less cluttered …

1) A gift certificate for a Hair Salon or Barber
2) A gift certificate for a Manicure or Pedicure
3) A Gym Membership for a few months
4) A year pass for a Museum
5) A year pass for a State or National Park
6) A gift certificate for a detail-styled Car Wash
7) A gift certificate for Yard Service
8) A gift certificate for a week or two of Maid Service
9) A gift certificate for a Restaurant
10) A gift certificate for an Oil Change
11) For those who really like their trinkets and goodies, Locally-Made Crafts and Goods
12) Tickets for a Musical Performance, Play, or Ballet
13) A gift certificate for a Movie Theater
14) A year pass for a Zoo

November 25 can really make me uneasy sometimes.  One month until Christmas.  I truly have to stop myself and remember what really matters.  Maybe I should make St. Catherine of Alexandria my patroness for this month, for she strove for true wisdom in life.  I need to do more of that between November 25 and December 25!

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