St. Archippus and His Fellow Christians

Honaz (in purple) - the Current Site of Ancient Colossae
And tell Archippus, "See that you fulfill the ministry that you received in the Lord."
- Paul's message to the Church at Colossae
- Colossians 4:17

An intriguing Bible verse ... just what was Archippus's ministry?  Only guesses can be made, however, due to his "ministry" it seems fair to assume that he worked with other early Christians from the area.  Saint Archippus was one of the Colossians, from the ancient city of Colossae in the region now known as Turkey.  A good handful of Biblical people come from or visited the Colossae (modern Honaz) area of ancient Turkey:

Apphia - A citizen of Colossae and a House Church keeper.
Philemon - The probable husband of Apphia and the master of Onesimus.
Onesimus - The runaway slave of Philemon and Apphia; a disciple of Paul.
Epaphras - The probable founder of the Church at Colossae and nearby towns. 
Tychicus - The deliverer of Paul's Letter to the Colossians.
Nympha - A House Church keeper in nearby Laodicea.

While Honaz, Turkey is now known for its cherry growing and oil wrestling, nearly 2,000 years ago it held some of the earliest Catholic masses and elicited two of Paul's letters of the New Testament: his Letter to the Colossians and his Letter to Philemon.


  1. Catholic? I would think that at that time and up until the expulsion of Greeks by the Turks in the 1920's this area would have been pretty much certainly under the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople and not Rome.

    1. Roman Catholics appreciate the story of St. Archippus and count him as a saint.


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