12 Things to Know About St. James the Younger (a.k.a. James the Less -and- James, the Son of Alphaeus)

The Mission of the Twelve

Matthew 10
Luke 9:1-6
Mark 6:7-13

Very little is known with certainty about James the Younger …

1) He was an apostle.
2) He had a father named Alphaeus.

But … because he was an apostle, here’s a list of some of the good works we can feel confident that he did, because Jesus asked him to:

1)   Traveled to different towns to preach about the kingdom of God.

2)   Traveled with another apostle. 

3)   Kept very few possessions while out preaching: no food, no sack, and no money; he possessed only a pair of sandals and one tunic.

4)   Anointed many sick people with oil, curing them.

5)   Drove out demons, raised the dead, cleansed lepers.

6)   Expected little in return for his work.

7)   Wished peace upon those in any house he entered, but left nonviolently (shook the dust from his feet) if the people of the house were closed to his words.

8)   Tolerated harshness and hatred.

9)   Strove to be as shrewd as a serpent yet as simple as a dove.

10) Trusted in the Spirit of God to guide his actions and words.