Saint Dionysius ~ A Patron Saint For Discerning Truth

St. Dionysius the Areopagite
A Russian Icon
from the 17th Century
by an Unknown Artist
It was during his Second Missionary Journey, when Paul ventured into Europe for the first time.  He converted Lydia and her friends in Philippi, was helped out by Jason in Thessalonica, and then spoke before Dionysius and others in Athens. 

It is amazing to me how some can get it so quickly.  How did Dionysius know so fast that Paul spoke words of truth and life?  Perhaps he strove to keep his heart focused on the Lord and thereby could recognize truth easier than some?  If you are struggling with judgment of a certain situation, surely St. Dionysius would be willing to pray for you … if you ask him.

But some did join him, and became believers.  Among them were Dionysius, a member of the Court of the Areopagus, a woman named Damaris, and others with them.
Acts 17:34

Fr. Barron at the Areopagus
~ Where St. Dionysius was converted by Paul