St. Elizabeth ~ A Good Saint for Some Difficult Years of Aging

Mary and Elizabeth With Their Little Boys
by Bacchiacca (c.1545)

Going through “the change” can be quite a challenge.  Uncomfortable weight gain, increased health issues, ridiculously expensive and time-consuming pressures to stay young-looking (I’ve actually thrown in the towel and gone gray … so freeing!), sleepless nights, sudden bursts of heat, changeableness, out-of-the-blue feelings of angst, weird heart rhythms, etc. Physically and emotionally, it’s just not easy.

I sometimes wonder about St. Elizabeth (the mother of St. John the Baptist) and feel amazed.  I think she is a good one to turn to during those long, often-hard hormonal years.  I can’t imagine having a baby during this time of already huge physical and emotional fluctuation!  And then dredging up enough wherewithal to tend to an infant-turned-toddler-turned-rambunctious boy-turned-teenager … so well that he would become a great saint!  It all seems extraordinarily miraculous to me!    

And behold, Elizabeth, your relative, has also conceived a son in her old age … for nothing will be impossible for God.

Luke 1:36a, 37