The First Seven Deacons
The 6th Chapter of Acts tells of the selection of the first seven deacons of the church ...

Brothers, select from among you seven reputable men, filled with the Spirit and wisdom, whom we shall appoint to this task, whereas we shall devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.
Acts 6:3-4

St. Stephen
The book of Acts shares quite a bit about the deacon named Stephen (see chapters 6 and 7).  He clearly went beyond his duty of serving the needy.  He worked in some preaching and performed great wonders and signs.
Feast Day:  December 26

St. Philip the Deacon/Evangelist
This St. Philip is sometimes labeled as a Deacon and sometimes as an Evangelist.  While Cornelius is considered by most to be the first Gentile convert to Christianity, some suggest that the Ethiopian Treasurer baptized by St. Philip may really have been the first (Acts 8:26-40).
Feast Day:  October 11 (formerly June6) 

St. Prochorus   (PROK-o-rus)
Scripture offers very little about St. Prochorus, outside of the fact that he was filled with the Spirit and respected by many early Christian-Jews.  Some claim that he was one of the 70 appointed by Christ (Luke 10:1-20) and later became the bishop of  Nicomedia.
Feast Day:  July 28

St. Nicanor   (ny-KAY-nor)
The Orthodox Church holds that Nicanor suffered with St. Stephen when Stephen was stoned to death.  St. Nicanor may also have been one of the 70 mentioned in Luke 10.
Feast Day:  July 28

St. Timon   (TIE-mon)
The Coptic Orthodox Church asserts that St. Timon had the gifts of healing the sick and banishing evil forces, and was martyred in Greece.
Feast Day:  July 28

St. Parmenas   (PAR-me-nas)
Besides helping out with the needy Jewish-Christians in Jerusalem, and being known as a good man, some claim that Parmenas preached in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and was martyred in Philippi, Macedonia (ruins in modern Greece).
Feast Day:  July 28

St. Nicholas of Antioch
Acts 6:5 offers a little bit of extra information on Nicholas.  We know he was from Antioch (of Syria or Pisidia ... two different areas of Asia Minor ... but Antioch of Syria was closer to Jerusalem).  We also know that he was a convert to Judaism.  Little credible information has been written about St. Nicholas of Antioch outside of what is offered in Scripture.
Feast Day:  July 28