Saint Onesiphorus and Friends

Ruins in Ancient Ephesus
Although we only get two brief mentionings of St. Onesiphorus in the Bible (2 Timothy 1:16-18, 2 Timothy 4:19), we know his family was from Ephesus … an ancient city in modern Turkey.  Because he was an early Christian from Ephesus, there is a good chance that he was friends with the following Saints from Scripture:

St. Timothy
- a Church leader/bishop in Ephesus

Sts. Priscilla and Aquila
- who had a house church in Ephesus

St. Epaphras
- who worked hard to help fortify the church in Ephesus

St. Tychicus
– who traveled to Ephesus and delivered a letter from Paul

St. Aristarchus
– who was in Ephesus during the riot of the Silversmiths

Sts. John the Evangelist & Mary
– Tradition tells they moved to Ephesus after Pentecost

St. Paul
 who spent a large chunk of time evangelizing in Ephesus