St. James the Greater ~ The First Apostle to be Martyred

A Bas Relief of
St. James the Greater
Along the Camino
de Santiago de Compostela
in Spain
Intriguingly, St. James the Greater disappears from Scripture following the first Christian Pentecost (Acts 1-2) and then reappears ten chapters later, when we learn that he was the first of the apostles to be martyred …

About that time King Herod laid hands upon some members of the church to harm them.  He had James, the brother of John, killed by the sword, and when he saw that this was pleasing to the Jews he proceeded to arrest Peter also.
-      Acts 12:1-3

Novena to St. James the Greater
Saint James,
Son of Zebedee,
Apostle of Christ,
Pray for us.
- Our Father, Glory Be, Hail Mary -