Blessed/Saint Onesimus the Slave - February 15

Onesimus and Paul while Paul is writing to Onesimus's masters, Philemon and Apphia.

Read Philemon 7-18 to see how Paul gently asked Philemon and Apphia to welcome their runaway slave, Onesimus, back as a Christian brother.

Onesimus, a Saint for Discouraged Hearts

A Realistic Fictional Account of Onesimus (1882):
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Onesimus by Edwin A. Abbott(1838-1926)

[Onesimus] is handled in a striking manner; the tone is reverent; and the treatment is eminently artistic, and quite winning in its simple, dignified beauty.
Another Book on Onesimus that Looks Intriguing:
Twice Freed
E-Book by Patricia St. John