St. Epaphroditus - A Kind Philippian

St. Epaphroditus (e-PAF-ro-DY-tus) was from Philippi, the first European city to learn of Christianity.  It was St. Lydia who initially accepted Paul's words in Philippi and evidently shared the Faith with others ... very possibly Epaphroditus.

At some point after his time preaching in Philippi, Paul found himself in prison, but was delighted to receive a visit from one of the Christians from Philippi: Epaphroditus.  Epaphroditus brought a gift from the Philippian Christian community to Paul, and the great evangelist was very touched.  While visiting Paul, Epaphroditus became very ill and nearly died!  After some time, Paul sent the good man back, likely with his letter of thanks, joy, and encouragement to the Philippians.

"Sending Epaphroditus"
by Theology with an English Accent