St. Mark the Evangelist ~ Why is He the Patron Saint of Lawyers?

St. Mark - The Four Gospels
Illuminated in 1495 by Abraham the Priest

Did you ever wonder how St. Mark the Evangelist landed the patronage of lawyers?  It's hard to know for sure, but it may very well have something to do with his Gospel.  The Gospel according to Mark has some special characteristics:

1) Although it is placed as the second Gospel in the Bible, it is now believed by most that it was written first, and was possibly used by Matthew and Luke as a resource when writing their Gospels.
2) It is the shortest of all Gospels, but highly impactive, offering an impressive amount of detail.
3) One compelling narrative after another is presented in a straightforward manner.

Perhaps its through Mark's primary, direct, concise, and persuasive style of writing about the message of Christ, that granted him the patronage of lawyers.