A Novena to St. Job

Job Learning of His Misfortunes
Studying the life of St. Job can help us to remember that there are no easy explanations for our times of suffering.  It happens.  And ... we must put our faith in God and endure the trying phases as best as we can.  Job's story is also a good reminder to be careful when our friends are going through difficult times; to be cautious and considerate about advice-giving and judgment-making.  Job's friends tried to be helpful, but really made things harder for him.

St. Job
A Miniature from a Book of Hours - 1490

St. Job Novena
Day 1 ~ Job 1:1-12
Day 2 ~ Job 1:13-22
Day 3 ~ Job 2: 1-13
Day 4 ~ Job 3:1-26
Day 5 ~ Job 4:1-9
Day 6 ~ Job 16:1-4
Day 7 ~ Job 38:1-13
Day 8 ~ Job 42:1-6
Day 9 ~ Job 42:7-17

Job's Friends Giving Careless Advice
Job Chapters 4 - 27
How empty the consolation you offer me!
Your arguments remain a fraud.