Saint Lydia .. The First to Embrace Christianity in Europe

St. Lydia Church
In The Village of Lydia In Greece
What a pleasure it would be to visit this church in Greece named after St. Lydia.  She doesn't have a lot of churches names after her, yet she was quite instrumental in letting Christianity flow into Europe!  Of course, it was God who opened her heart to Paul's words during his earliest missionary visit in Europe, but Lydia let God's influence move her and she became a believer.  And, because she was a business woman of some influence, besides being baptized herself, she had "her household" baptized as well, thus beginning the spread of Christianity into ancient Macedonia and beyond.  

This Early Church Saint is known as ...

St. Lydia of Thyatira 
(she is from Thyatira in modern Turkey)

St. Lydia Purpuraria
(purpuraria means purple-dealer - Acts 16:14)

St. Lydia of Philippi
(Where she was converted by Paul)

... or simply St. Lydia.

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St. Lydia In The Bible
Acts 16:11-15, 40

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St. Lydia Block

St. Lydia Prayer Card

May 20 - Martyrologium Romanum (2004)
Many sources list August 3 as the Feast Day of St. Lydia, 
however, the 2004 Roman Martyrology has her listed on May 20.

Perhaps the date was changed in order to align it with St. Lydia's Feast Day in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

But, truly, it doesn't matter which day you chose to read about, 
ponder, or reflect upon this inspiring New Testament saint.
St. Lydia is inspiring any day of the year!