St. James the Less - An Apostle and the Son of Alphaeus

St. James, Son of Alphaeus
Very little is known with certainty about St. James, Son of Alphaeus, except that he was an Apostle.  There are a few Might-Have-Beens to consider, however.

St. James the Less Might Have Been ...
1) a brother to Matthew/Levi who also had a father named Alphaeus, 
2) the son of Mary of Clopas who stood at the foot of Jesus' cross (Clopas is a possible Greek version of Alphaeus).
3) the son of Cleopas who met up with Jesus on the road to Emmaus (Cleopas might be a variant of Clopas/Alphaeus). 
4) the first Bishop of Jerusalem and present at the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15).
5) the author of the biblical book, The Letter of James

But, because he was an Apostle, we Know that James the Less/Son of Alphaeus/The Apostle  ...
1) was called by Jesus and spent a lot of time with Jesus.
2) was given authority over unclean spirits.
3) was given authority to cure every disease and illness.
4) went (two by two) out to proclaim the kingdom of God.
5) lived simply while preaching the news of Jesus, without gold, silver, or copper, without a sack, without a second tunic, without a second pair of sandals, without a walking stick.
6) if he was ignored, he left people's homes and shook the dust from his feet.
7) attended the Last Supper
8) saw Jesus risen from the dead and received the Holy Spirit from Him.
9) was told by Jesus that he had the authority to forgive sins.
10) saw Jesus ascend into heaven.
11) was in the Upper Room when Matthias was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot.
12) was in the Upper Room when the Holy Spirit came.