St. Philip the Apostle & The Loaves and Fish Prayer

St. Philip
Whenever I'm feeling stressed out because I don't feel like I have enough ... whether it's money, clothes in my closet, or ... time ... I think of the miracle of the Loaves and Fish.  I am reminded of St. Philip who expressed serious concern to Jesus about feeding the group of thousands of people who had come to listen to Jesus.  St. Philip, who had already seen enough of Jesus' miracles, maybe should have known better!  But, he found the situation impossible ...

Two hundred days wages worth of food would not be enough ...
~ John 6:7

But, of course, nothing is impossible for Jesus, and food appeared.  From five barley loaves and two fish, thousands were fed that day.  Time is my biggest issue.  I always have a to-do list that is longer than my day.  When I start to feel my mind racing, I try to stop and say a Loaves and Fish prayer (no official prayer, just a made-up-one on the spot) ... as a way to remind myself that Jesus is there, That I should give my day to Him, and all that ought to get done will.

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