Some Old Testament Saints Honored in Art

It's always a fun discovery for me to find Sacred Art reminding viewers of holy ones from the Old Testament.  This wonderful altar backdrop is at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in San Antonio.  A few of the names listed on the piece are from the New Testament, but most are, intriguingly, from the Old Testament!

Click on one of the links below to learn a thing or two about one of these Old Testament holy ones ...

Esther  -  Samuel  -  Ezra  -  Nehemiah  -  Moses  -  Ruth  -  Jeremiah  -  Job
Jonah  -  Isaiah  -  Joel  -  Joshua  -  Daniel  -  Ezekiel  -  Tobiah  -  Baruch
Habakkuk  -  Amos  -  Malachi  -  Hosea  -  Zechariah  -  Obadiah
Zephaniah  -  Micah  -  Nahum