St. Paul - His Final Arrest, Julius the Centurion, and the Shipwreck at Malta

The Arrest
The cohort commander came forward, arrested him [Paul], and ordered him to be secured with chains.  

A Kind Centurion Named Julius
When it was decided that we [Luke and Paul] should sail to Italy, they handed Paul and some other prisoners over to a centurion named Julius.  

The Northeaster
Before long an offshore wind of hurricane force called a "Northeaster" struck.  Finally, all hope of our surviving was taken away.  The soldiers planned to kill the prisoners so that none might swim away and escape, but the centurion [Julius] wanted to save Paul.
- Acts 27:14, 20b42a-43a

Reaching Malta
Once we [Luke and Paul] had reached safety we learned that the island was called Malta.  The natives showed us extraordinary hospitality; they lit a fire and welcomed all of us because it had begun to rain and was cold.
Acts 28:1-2

St. Paul's Bay in Bugibba, Malta